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Why does privatization typically occur?

To promote competition and efficiency

What types of industries are candidates for privatization?

Industries where competition can improve efficiency

What problems in international markets can be created by counterfeiting and intellectual property theft?

Erosion of brand value and revenue losses

In which of the following countries are interest-bearing transactions not allowed?


Which of the following best explains why looting was uncommon in Japan after the country's 2011 earthquake and tsunami?

Importance of group membership

What are some examples of specific behaviors that can demonstrate the core value of honesty in a code of ethics?

Accurate record keeping or truthful reporting in internal and external communications

Why is it important for a code of ethics to provide practical guidance with specific examples?

To offer clear examples of acceptable behavior in different situations

Why should an effective code of ethics be accepted by those who are expected to follow it?

To ensure that employees understand why they should adopt the code and its provisions into their daily work activities

Why is it necessary for ethical codes of conduct to have enforceable mechanisms?

To monitor compliance, deal with breaches, and enforce sanctions against transgressors

Why should effective codes of ethics be regularly reviewed and revised?

To keep pace with changes in business practices, technology, legislation, and social norms

Test your knowledge on international business concepts such as exporting, importing, and currency denomination. Explore key factors that contribute to the success of companies engaging in international business.

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