Intellectual Property Rights in the Philippines

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What is the main purpose of the module mentioned in the text?

What should students do if they find it difficult to answer the exercises in the module?

What is one of the important reminders for using the module?

What should students do after completing each exercise in the module?

Who are students encouraged to consult if they have difficulty answering the exercises in the module?

According to Republic Act 8293, which entity needs to give permission for the use of any materials created by the Philippine Government?

What is required before an entity can profit from using the materials prepared by a government agency or office?

Who holds the intellectual property rights to the materials used in this module?

What is necessary for any use of the materials in this module outside of its intended purpose?

Who ensures that the module does not violate the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) standards for educational rights?


This quiz covers the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, particularly the provisions regarding government ownership of creations and the requirement for permission from government agencies for commercial use. Test your knowledge on intellectual property rights in the Philippines with this quiz.

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