Integument Lecture: Layers of Skin and Epidermis

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What is the main purpose of the integument according to the text?

Protecting deeper tissues from injury

Which layer of the epidermis is responsible for metabolizing vitamin D?

Stratum Basale

What is the function of the Stratum Corneum in the epidermis?

Provides waterproofing and protection

Which layer of the dermis is responsible for providing structural strength and elasticity to the skin?

Reticular dermis

What is the main purpose of a shave biopsy?

Removal of a 'shave' superficial lesion tissue to establish a diagnosis

Why is it recommended to biopsy characteristic areas in their diagnostic stage?

To capture histopathology at one point in time in evolution of a lesion

'Come Let’s Get Sun Burnt' can be used as a mnemonic to remember the layers of which part of the integument?


'Biopsy a primary lesion' is associated with which procedure according to the text?

'Shave Biopsy'

'Removal of a 'core' of tissue to establish a definitive diagnosis or to remove a small lesion' describes which type of biopsy?

'Punch Biopsy'

What is the size of a macule?

Less than 10mm

Which skin lesion is characterized by a discontinuity of skin causing complete loss of epidermis and possible loss of dermis?


What is the distinguishing feature of a vesicle?

Fluid-filled area less than 10mm

Which histological change involves thickening of the cornified layer with a prominent granular layer?


What causes the formation of weals on the skin?

Dermal edema

Which term refers to the extravasation of RBCs into the skin or mucous membranes?


In what condition do keratinocytes splay apart due to intraepidermal edema?

Spongiosis and Vesicles

Which skin lesion is a solid, palpable area greater than 20mm in size?


What is the main characteristic of excoriation?

A deep, linear scratch often self-induced

What is a cyst?

An encapsulated cavity or sac lined by true epithelium filled with keratin

Test your knowledge about the integument system, which consists of the skin and its appendages. Learn about the layers of the epidermis and their functions in protecting deeper tissues, thermoregulation, and more.

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