Instant Messaging and Hexadecimal Numbering System Quiz

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In the context of data backup, which of the following would provide the LEAST protection in the event of a fire in the data center?

Cloud storage

What is the primary issue if a user clicks a link to a web page to view a document, but nothing happens?

Scripting is disabled

On which of the following distinct numbers of digits is the hexadecimal numbering system based?


If a user sends a message via a public instant messaging application, how long does it typically remain on the application's server?

No more than 30 days from sending

What type of device is a computer that receives input from a controller and is designed for a single purpose?


Which of the following would provide the best protection in the event of a fire in the data center?

Disaster recovery plan

Which type of software would be MOST appropriate for scheduling personnel and viewing activity progress?

Project management software

What would MOST likely cause errors when browsing to a secure website?

Invalid certificate

Which is the BEST example of one-tier service architecture?

Database management system

What is the non-profit organization possibly infringing on by obtaining images from the internet to use on a website?


Which authentication method did the employee use to gain access to the network by using a password to log in to a company computer?


What is most likely to be used to store or transfer data?


What may be prevented by adding locks and video cameras to the refuse connection location?

Dumpster diving

What do the log entries created each time an employee uses a badge to enter and exit the building provide?


How would you MOST likely resolve an issue with an unresponsive process?

Killing the process

Test your knowledge on instant messaging and hexadecimal numbering system with this quiz. Answer questions related to the duration of messages on the application's server and the distinct numbers of digits in the hexadecimal numbering system.

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