Inherent Powers of the State: Taxation Power Quiz

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What sustains the government according to the text?

Power of taxation

Which power secures the government and the wellbeing of its people?

Police power

What power does the government use to carry out its public services?

Eminent domain

Which power defers the collection of income tax?

Tax exemption claims

Which of the following is NOT an inherent limitation of the taxation power?

Non-delegation of the taxing power

In the context of taxation power, what is one of the constitutional limitations related to the uniformity rule?

Due process of law

Which attribute is considered comprehensive, plenary, unlimited, and supreme in the context of State powers?


What is a necessary attribute of sovereignty according to the text?

Legislative nature

What is the purpose of the taxation power of the State?

For the support of the government

In what ways does eminent domain power differ from police power?

Eminent domain is most superior to the 'Non-Impairment Clause' of the constitution, while police power is inferior.

What is the major limitation associated with the exercise of eminent domain power?

Public purpose and just compensation limitation

Which power of the State imposes limited amounts on the community or class of individuals?

Police power

What distinguishes taxation power from police power in terms of importance?

Taxation power is most important, while police power is inferior to the 'Non-Impairment Clause' of the constitution.

Which power of the State is exercised by enacting laws to protect the well-being of the people?

Police power

Test your knowledge about the inherent powers of the state, focusing on the taxation power. Explore the concept of enforcing proportional contributions from subjects for the sustainability of the state.

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