Information System Components: Hardware and Software

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Which type of software manages the hardware, data, and program files of an information system?

Operating System Software

What component of the network includes all the people, hardware, software, and data resources that directly support its operation and use?

Network Support

What is the most visible aspect of an information system?


In which type of network are computers, printers, phones, and other personal gadgets connected mainly in a home environment?

Personal Area Network

What type of software are programs designed to handle specific tasks for users?

Application Software

What type of network connects computers and other equipment within a premise or building?

Local Area Network

Which network integrates multiple LANs within a metro city into a larger network?

Metropolitan Area Network

In which type of network are storage devices pooled together within the data center and shared with multiple servers?

Storage Area Network

What type of network offers the best of both worlds experience for online users by providing them with local networks’ security while accessing the public internet?

Virtual Private Network

What is the purpose of an Enterprise Private Network built by businesses?

To connect all the computers and devices across all the departments for data exchange

Test your knowledge about the components of an information system, focusing on hardware and software. Learn about the tangible technology and the set of instructions that drive the hardware.

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