Indus Valley Civilization: Sites, Locations & Importance Quiz

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What technical skills are mentioned in the text?

What type of animal is not mentioned in the text?

Which water body was the Lothal dock connected to?

What materials were used for making diminutive blades?

What were found at the bead factory in different stages of manufacture?

What was the significance of the Indus script at Rupar?

What material was commonly used in the construction of the earliest houses at Rupar?

What type of animals' bones were found at Rupar?

What type of workers were accommodated in the lower town of Lothal?

What evidence suggests technical advancement at Lothal?


Test your knowledge about the sites, locations, and importance of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, including its culture, art, history, and discoveries. Explore key aspects such as the Rupar site in Punjab and the use of the Indus script for authentication.

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