Indus Valley Civilization Mock Quiz

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Which animal was not commonly depicted in the art of the Indus Valley civilization?

What type of script was used in the writing of the Indus Valley civilization?

What was the primary crop cultivated by the Indus Valley civilization?

What was the purpose of the Great Bath in the Indus Valley civilization?

What evidence suggests that the Indus Valley civilization had a well-organized system of governance?

What was a significant aspect of the urban planning in the Indus Valley civilization?

Which Central Asian conqueror's devastating raid on Delhi triggered a major political transformation in Northern India?

Who invaded northern India in 1526 and conquered the Sultanate, leading to its succession by the Mughal Empire?

What was the name of the female ruler who reigned from 1236 to 1240 during the Delhi Sultanate?

What was the established language that developed during the Sultanate and had a concrete impact on Indo-Islamic architecture?

Which event set the scene for centuries of migration of fleeing soldiers, intelligentsia, mystics, traders, artists, and artisans from West and Central Asia into the subcontinent, thereby establishing Islamic culture there?

Who laid the foundation of the Delhi Sultanate?

Which dynasty ruled over the Delhi Sultanate after the Khalji dynasty?

What was the primary geographical area covered by the Delhi Sultanate?

Which empire did the Delhi Sultanate succeed?

Who led a new wave of rapid and ceaseless Muslim conquests deep into South India during the Khalji and Tughlaq rule?


Test your knowledge of the Indus Valley Civilization with these mock questions. Challenge yourself with historical facts and discoveries from this ancient civilization.

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