Indian Railway Journey

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Match the following train stations with their location on the Pune-Bombay route:

Match the following actions with Professor Gaitonde's plan in Bombay:

Match the following descriptions with the Jijamata Express and the Deccan Queen:

Match the following places with Professor Gaitonde's thoughts about them:

What was the first stop after Pune on the Pune-Bombay route?

Match the following actions with Professor Gaitonde's thoughts about them:

What was Professor Gaitonde's plan of action in Bombay as a historian?

Who did Professor Gaitonde plan to have a long talk with upon returning to Pune?

What did the Anglo-Indian in uniform do at the small station called Sarhad?

What was the name of the express train that sped along the Pune-Bombay route?


Test your memory of the Jijamata Express journey from Pune to Bombay in this quiz based on the provided text.

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