Indian Constitution Scope of Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles

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What were the two models of modern development India had before independence?

Liberal-capitalist and socialist

Which model of development were many leaders in India impressed by on the eve of Independence?

Socialist model

What was the consensus among nationalist leaders during the national movement regarding economic concerns of free India?

Government's role in social and economic redistribution is crucial

Why were there very few supporters of American style capitalist development among Indian leaders on the eve of Independence?

They viewed it as a narrow commercial function

What did the task of poverty alleviation and social and economic redistribution primarily involve according to nationalist leaders?

Government's responsibility

What concept was associated with modernisation according to the text?

Growth and material progress

What was K.N.Raj's suggestion for India's development in the first two decades?

Hasten slowly to avoid endangering democracy

What sector did the First Five Year Plan primarily address?

Agricultural sector

What did the Plan identify as the principal obstacle in the way of agricultural growth?

Pattern of land distribution

Why did the planners focus on pushing savings up in the First Five Year Plan?

To increase the level of national income

What was one of the reasons that made it difficult to push savings up in the early years of planned development?

Low total capital stock in the country

What happened to people's savings in the first phase of the planned process until the end of the Third Five Year Plan?


What were the Directive Principles of State Policy related to economic welfare as mentioned in the text?

Securing an adequate means of livelihood for all citizens

What historical events influenced the global consensus on economic planning in the 1940s and 1950s?

Soviet Union's economic growth in the 1930s and 1940s

Why was the Planning Commission not a sudden invention according to the text?

It had historical roots in the idea of planning after experiencing economic challenges

What fundamental objective did the Constitution of India aim to achieve through its Directive Principles of State Policy?

Promoting welfare by ensuring social, economic, and political justice

What major reason is mentioned in the text to explain the global support for the idea of planning in the 1940s and 1950s?

Spectacular economic growth in the Soviet Union against heavy odds

What concept was highlighted as a key aspect that the State aimed to achieve through its policies as per the text?

Ensuring all citizens have access to adequate means of livelihood

Test your knowledge on the scope of Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy as defined in the Indian Constitution.

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