India Before Castes

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What is unique about Indian society in comparison to societies in China and the Mediterranean?

It was never truly united.

Why did leaders in India care little about the mix of societies on the streets?

They were more concerned with national issues.

How did Indian society view chaos according to the text?

As harmful for societal well-being.

What is the main idea of the paragraph discussing the development of caste in India?

Caste determined all aspects of individuals' lives.

Why did the idea of caste develop in Indian society according to the text?

To bring order to a diverse society

What were the four major castes in India known as?

Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Sudra

Which caste in India were the priests charged with devotion to the gods?


What group emerged as a result of the caste system performing tasks viewed as unclean?


Why were the Untouchables called 'Untouchable'?

Because they were often unclean from their work

What allowed people to escape the caste system without converting to another religion?

Living a life of devotion and prayer as a Sadhu

Explore the unique aspects of Indian society before the existence of castes. Learn about the lack of unity unlike in other regions, the influence of empires on societal structure, and the complexities of governance in ancient India.

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