Caste and Tribal Societies in Ancient India

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What were the two main types of societies mentioned in the text?

Caste-based society and tribal society

Why do we know very little about the tribal society?

They don’t let any outsiders into their habitat and don’t preserve any written records.

What were the main activities of the tribal peoples mentioned in the text?

Agriculture, herding, hunting, and gathering

Name three important tribal groups mentioned in the text.

Baluchi, Bhils, Gonds

What was the lifestyle of nomadic tribal groups like?

They were mainly nomads who moved with their animals and practiced barter system.

How did tribal people sustain themselves when food for their animals ran out?

They moved to another area where food was available.

Who was the most powerful ruler of the Gonds?

Rani Durgavati

What was the capital of the Gonds?

Garh Katanga

Which king of the Ahoms managed to conquer Garhgaon?


What was the original homeland of the Ahoms?


What did the Gonds export to different kingdoms to become powerful and rich?


Who was the first king of the Ahoms?


Explore the distinctions between caste-based societies, where individuals were divided according to varna rules, and tribal societies, which had their own set of customs and were united by kinship bonds. Learn about the characteristics and practices of tribal societies that make them different from caste-based societies.

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