Importance of Research in Daily Life

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What is one of the ethical principles mentioned in the text?

Respect for intellectual property and confidentiality

Which aspect of research does 'objectivity' aim to address?

Avoiding biases

Why is 'carefulness' considered an ethical principle in research?

To avoid errors and negligence

Which value is associated with 'social responsibility' in research ethics?

Inclusivity and non-discrimination

How does 'openness' contribute to the ethical conduct of research?

By encouraging collaboration and transparency

What is the primary aim of research as mentioned in the text?

Informing action and promoting a search for truth

What characteristic of research is highlighted as being unbiased in the text?


Which phase of the research process involves identifying the problem to be studied?

Identifying research objectives

What is the main focus of research ethics as defined in the text?

Following guidelines for responsible conduct

Which characteristic of research ensures that it follows an orderly procedure?


What is an essential function of research as highlighted in the text?

Contribution to knowledge and promoting a search for truth

Explore the significance of research in daily life, including informing action, proving theories, contributing to knowledge, and promoting a search for truth. Learn how research leads to the acquisition of essential information, facilitates positive changes through policy analysis, and enhances the standard of living through innovation.

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