Importance of Primary Group in Culture and Socialization

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What is the primary function of primary groups in society?

To maintain social control over individuals

Which process is strongly influenced by home and family?


What does acculturation involve?

Adopting, acquiring, and adjusting to a new cultural environment

Which term refers to the act of judging another culture based on the values and standards of one's own culture?


What is the concept that suggests understanding a person's beliefs based on their own culture?

Cultural relativism

What is the importance of secondary groups in society?

To be made up of people we know through work, school, or volunteer groups

What is the main characteristic of a primary group?

Reciprocal relationship and sense of unity

What is the purpose of a reference group?

To guide behavior and attitudes by comparison

What is the significance of secondary groups?

They provide organized functioning with set rules and regulations

What is the definition of an in-group?

Any group that one belongs to or identifies with

What does Homo habilis refer to?

An extinct species of human, the most ancient representative of the human genus

What is the main focus of social organization?

The emergence of societies and their structural formation

What is the Filipino culture primarily influenced by?

Mainly from the culture of Spain and America

What represents a society's beliefs and practices?

(A culture is a group's beliefs and practices)

What does 'DIWA' refer to?

This refers to the kalooban or inner

What is Homo sapiens?

It is the primate species to which modern humans belong.

Explore the significance of primary groups in culture and socialization, as well as the role they play in shaping human nature and maintaining social order. Learn about enculturation and acculturation processes that influence cultural learning and adaptation.

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