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What is the criteria set by PAGASA for a tropical storm to qualify as a super typhoon?

Maximum wind speed of 185 kph

What atmospheric process leads to the formation of typhoons?

Warm ocean water attracting moisture from cooler air

Which of the following is a typical outcome of a typhoon mentioned in the text?

Damage to infrastructure

What differentiates a super typhoon from a regular typhoon based on the provided text?

Reaching a specific minimum wind speed

How are floods caused by typhoons according to the text?

High precipitation resulting from heavy rainfall

What differentiates a super typhoon from a regular typhoon, as per PAGASA's definition?

Wind speed exceeding 200 KPH

Why are typhoons particularly powerful storms?

Due to attracting moisture from warm ocean water

What is the primary effect of a typhoon on infrastructure?


How do typhoons typically lead to floods in low-lying areas?

By causing high rainfall

What atmospheric process is responsible for increasing the wind speed of a typhoon?

Attracting moisture from cooler air

What is one way in which power outages can be prolonged during typhoons?

Strong winds damaging electrical infrastructure

What is a potential cause of displacement for residents living in flood-prone areas during a typhoon?

Storm surges inundating coastal areas

Which of the following is a risk factor for injuries and fatalities during typhoons as mentioned in the text?

Drowning due to heavy rainfall

How can typhoon-induced destruction lead to economic losses, as indicated in the text?

Interruption of commercial operations

What is a possible consequence for agricultural land during a typhoon based on the information provided?

Sustaining water damage

Test your knowledge on the various impacts of typhoons such as power outages, deaths and injuries, and displacement of people. Learn about the risks and damages associated with severe weather conditions.

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