Understanding Vulnerability in the Philippines to Natural Disasters

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Which factor is not considered a Physical & Environmental Vulnerability Factor?

Knowledge & Awareness

Which category does not fall under Social Vulnerability Factors?

Sources of livelihood

Which example does not belong to Natural Hazards?


Which description does not relate to Human-induced Hazards?

Beyond human control

Which factor is essential for Factor-based Analysis in constructing community-based DRRM plans?

Frequency of hazard occurrence

What distinguishes a Hazard from a Disaster?

The collision with people causing injury or loss

What factors contribute to making the Philippines vulnerable to natural disasters?

Its location in the western ring of the Pacific Ocean

How many typhoons enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) every year?

Approximately 19-20

What wind systems bring in approximately 20 typhoons per year to the Philippines?

Northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon

Which vulnerable sector in the Philippines is characterized by being less socially mobile and less economically independent?


Why are Older People more prone to death and injury in disasters?

They have complex medical needs

Which group struggles with access to resources and protection during disasters?

Select Migrants

Explore the factors that contribute to the vulnerability of the Philippines to natural disasters such as typhoons. Learn about the conditions determined by physical, social, economic, and environmental factors that increase susceptibility to hazards.

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