Impact of Wildlife on Ecosystems and Economies

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Which of the following is NOT a benefit of biodiversity mentioned in the text?

Contributing to air and water pollution

What is one of the benefits of biodiversity related to wild plants?

Providing genetic diversity for disease protection

How does biodiversity contribute to ecosystem resilience?

By increasing adaptation to change

What happened in Yellowstone National Park as a result of losing wolves?

Shift in trophic levels and environmental changes

Why are keystone species important in ecosystems?

Their loss can lead to cascading impacts across trophic levels

How can biodiversity help in controlling pests and diseases?

By providing natural predators for pests

Which type of pollution is caused by excessive use of plastic?

Water pollution

What is the main characteristic of an exotic species?

Brought to new habitats by humans

Why are invasive species harmful to ecosystems?

They out-compete native species for resources

How do native species differ from exotic species?

Exotic species may be harmful, neutral, or beneficial

Which human activity is associated with overconsumption of resources like deforestation and mining?

Poaching and mining

Which type of diversity refers to the number of different ecosystems in a region?

Ecological diversity

Why are populations with little genetic diversity vulnerable to environmental change?

They lack the variation needed to help adapt to new conditions

Which group of organisms is mentioned as the most diverse with over 1 million species?


Among different biomes, which biome has the highest biodiversity?

Tropical rainforest biome

What is the primary reason why many species have not yet been discovered?

Many unknown species are small and overlooked

What is the term used to describe the variety of life across all levels of biological organization?

Species diversity

What has caused scrubby vegetation to overgrow in some of Africa's savannas?

The removal of elephants

Which species has been extirpated from most of its historic range but is not yet extinct?

Black rhinos

How do humans contribute to biodiversity loss according to the text?

By changing ecosystems

What benefits do biodiversity provide to economies based on the text?

Supporting local businesses and employment

What is the definition of extirpation according to the text?

Loss of a species from one area only

Why is the recovery of the beaver population mentioned in the text?

To show how human actions can restore natural habitats

Explore the influence of elephant removal in African savannas and beaver population recovery on ecosystem restoration. Learn about the benefits of biodiversity, including economic advantages through tourism and recreation.

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