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Technology has had a significant impact on various industries such as business, education, health, and entertainment.

High-tech gadgets and appliances have not improved the quality of our lives or made it more convenient.

The Internet has made it possible to form a community to share ideas and resources with people only within the local area.

Too much dependency on technology in our lives has not raised any health concerns recently.

The journey of technology and communication began with the invention of smartphones.

Modern technology has made it possible to eradicate time and distance in communication.

Businesses can now interact with customers from different countries and cultures in real-time.

Modern technology has made it difficult for new businesses to set up and run their operations.

Digital currency has not had an impact on the ease of sending and receiving payments globally.

Technology in businesses has not minimized the possibility of errors in various operations and processes.

What is one of the areas where AI is having a significant impact?

What is one way in which AI is transforming the economy?

How is AI technology improving transportation networks?

What is one way AI is impacting customer service departments?

What is one of the major benefits of AI-driven processes in the economy?

How is AI used in detecting fraud and preventing terrorist attacks?

What role does AI play in accurately forecasting trends and patterns in the marketplace?


Test your knowledge about the influence of technology on various aspects of our lives such as business, education, health, banking, transportation, and entertainment. Explore the advancements in high-tech gadgets and appliances that have enhanced the quality of life and convenience.

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