Impact of Spanish Colonization on Latin America Quiz

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Why were the priests present in the Spanish Missions?

To convert indigenous populations to Christianity

What are the three major areas impacted by colonization in Latin America today?

Language, Ethnic Groups, and Religion

Why is Spanish the predominant language in Latin America?

As a result of colonization by Spain

What world events influenced the Latin American independence movements?

American Revolution & French Revolution

Which European country controlled modern-day Haiti?


In 1791, what major accomplishment did Haiti experience?

Successful slave revolt led by Toussaint L'Ouverture

Why did many Native populations in the Americas die off between 1492-1600?

They lacked immunity to European diseases.

What contributed to the growth of industries requiring slave labor in the Americas?

Increased demand for agricultural products like sugar and coffee.

Which factor made African slaves a preferable workforce for coffee plantations in the Americas?

Familiarity with the climate and agricultural practices.

Why were the Caribbean Islands significant in the 1700s colonial context?

They served as major ports for European trade.

What was a major impact of the Columbian Exchange on Native populations?

Loss of immunity to European diseases.

Why were Native populations used as slaves initially by Europeans?

To alleviate the labor shortage in European colonies.

Test your knowledge on the impact of Spanish colonization on Latin America. Explore the role of missions, priests, and the lasting effects on language, ethnic groups, and religion in the region today. Learn about the significance of Spanish language and the concept of 'mulatto'.

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