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BMS150: Immunology

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Which of the following statements is correct with regards to immunological tolerance?

It is the result of immunological unresponsiveness to self antigens

Identify the mismatched items:

Neutrophil : precursor to macrophages

Which of the following statements is the most correct as it relates to innate immunity?

It occurs rapidly (begins within minutes to hours of infection).

Which of the following statements is TRUE for memory (aka secondary response) to infection?

All of these statements are true.

Choose the FALSE statement below:

Differentiated effector cells that are produced from the division of an activated lymphocyte - the parental cell - will bear receptors with a different specificity from that of the parental cell.

Which of the following options does NOT cause vasodilation?

CXCL8 (aka IL-8)

When a phagocyte engulfs a bacterium, the bacterium is taken up into a:


Identify the mismatch between receptor and ligand:

SR-A : antibodies

Which adhesion molecule is expressed on vascular endothelial cells and is responsible for TIGHT binding of circulating leukocytes during the emigration phase of inflammation?


Which of the following is NOT a mechanism by which vascular permeability increases during inflammation?

Dilation of pre-capillary sphincters

Choose the TRUE statement regarding pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs):

NOD-like receptors can sense PAMPs and DAMPs in the cytosol

Which of the following cell types is first to leave the bloodstream and enter a site of acute inflammation?


Choose the TRUE statement regarding the membrane attack complex (MAC):

It requires a complex of C5b, C6, C7, C8, and C9.

How is the classical pathway of complement activated?

C1q attaches to an antibody that has bound a pathogen

Which of the following is NOT an anti-viral activity that is promoted by a Type-1 interferon?

Increased cytotoxic T-cell proliferation

Which of the following cells does not contain HLA-1?


HLA-2 subtypes and indicated by the letter:


The HLA protein allelic variant that is associated with a greater predisposition of celiac disease is:


Test your knowledge about immunological tolerance with this quiz focusing on correct statements related to the topic.

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