Immunoglobulin and Antigen Binding Quiz

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How many possible proteins can the light chain in an immunoglobulin be comprised of?

Two proteins

What is the correct number of antigen binding sites found on an IgM in its normal arrangement?


Which receptor requires MHC presentation for antigens to be recognized?

T Cell Receptors (TCRs)

What is the composition of the structure of T Cell Receptors (TCRs)?

Composed of α and β chains

How many antigen binding sites are found on B Cell Receptors (BCRs)?


Which proteins mediate the signal transduction in T Cell Receptors (TCRs)?

CD3 and zeta (ζ) proteins

What are the two possible proteins for the light chain in an immunoglobulin?

kappa (κ) and lambda (λ)

What type of antigens do B Cell Receptors (BCRs) recognize?

Proteins and other macromolecules; do not require MHC presentation

Test your knowledge about immunoglobulins, antigen binding sites, T cell receptors, and B cell receptors with this quiz. Explore topics such as the proteins for the light chain, gene protein structure, and antigen recognition by TCRs and BCRs.

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