Immunoglobulin Proteins and Antigen Binding Sites Quiz

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How many possible proteins can the light chain in an immunoglobulin consist of?


What is the function of the Fab region of a monomeric antibody?

Binds to antigens

In its normal arrangement, how many antigen binding sites are present on IgM?


What is the structure of T Cell Receptors (TCRs)?

Composed of α and β chains

Why can Fab fragments not interact with IgG Fc receptors on cells?

Fab fragments lack the Fc region

Which proteins mediate the signal transduction in B Cell Receptors (BCRs)?

Igα and Igβ proteins

What is the significance of CDRs in antibody receptors?

Bind to antigens

Which region of an antibody binds to the Fc receptors on cells?

Fc region

What defines cross-reaction in immunology?

Binding of an antibody to a structurally similar antigen

What is the strength with which one antigen binding site of an antibody binds to one epitope called?


Why do B cell receptors not require MHC presentation for antigen recognition?

Their structure allows direct binding to antigens

Which immunoglobulin feature dictates the requirement for MHC presentation?

Antigens recognized

What does the name 'Fc' stand for in the Fc fragment?

'Fragment crystallizable'

In antibody molecules, how many Fab regions bind to antigens?


What is the required composition for T Cell Receptors (TCRs) to recognize antigens?

Mainly proteins; requires MHC presentation

How many antigen binding sites are found on B Cell Receptors (BCRs)?


'Affinity maturation' refers to an increase in what?

Antigen binding strength

'Fc fragment' is named so due to its association with what?

'Fragment constant'

What mediates signal transduction in T Cell Receptors (TCRs)?

CD3 and zeta (ζ) proteins

In terms of structure, what composes B Cell Receptors (BCRs)?

Ig heavy and light chains, membrane bound

'Clones' are to 'original' as 'repertoire' is to what?


What is the first signal for CD8+ T lymphocyte activation?

T cell receptor (TCR) interaction with peptide-MHC complex on an APC

Test your knowledge on the two possible proteins for the light chain in an immunoglobulin, the antigen binding sites on IgM, and differences between T cell receptors (TCRs) and B cell receptors (BCRs). Learn about kappa (κ) and lambda (λ) light chains, IgM's normal arrangement, and the structure of TCRs and BCRs.

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