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What does the letter 'A' stand for in the Immediate Delivery Room Care Administrative Order 2009?


What is the main purpose of stimulating a crying baby after birth?

To encourage lung expansion

What may happen if wall suction is used excessively in neonates with meconium-stained amniotic fluid?

Retrolental fibroplasia

Why is using oxygen cautiously important in neonatal care?

To prevent blindness

What does the Unang Yakap initiative aim to achieve?

Reduce childhood mortality

Which condition may result if the HR drops more than 10bpm during suctioning in a neonate?

Transposition of the greater vessels

What is the primary issue with deep suctioning using wall suction in neonates with nasal obstruction?


Why should babies be encouraged to breathe and cry effectively after birth?

To maximize lung expansion

'A crying baby is a breathing baby' implies that:

The act of crying itself indicates that a baby is breathing

What should be done if a neonate's color changes from pinkish to bluer after birth?

Prepare for surgical intervention

Test your knowledge on the Immediate Delivery Room Care Administrative Order 2009 that focuses on essential newborn care protocols. Learn about the ABCDs of newborn care, Apgar Score, strategies to reduce childhood mortality, and key procedures like Unang Yakap and IMCI Airway.

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