Construction Industry Training Planning

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True or false: Identifying the target audience is an important step in developing construction safety training?

True or false: The fourth step in developing construction safety training is to decide on the appropriate methods to deliver training?

True or false: Delivering the training and involving the target audience in the conversation is a key factor in encouraging them to participate in training?


  • The construction industry has unique safety risks and needs specific training to be effective.
  • To target the construction sector, it is important to first understand the industry's unique qualities and challenges.
  • To identify the target audience, consider factors such as their job roles, skills and knowledge levels, and learning preferences.
  • To determine the training objectives and plan the training accordingly, determine what knowledge and skills need to be covered, what methods should be used to deliver the training, and what materials will be required for the training activities.
  • The fourth step is to decide on the appropriate methods to deliver training, such as eLearning, instructor-led training, group sessions, or even a combination of these methods.
  • After developing the material, test and refine the program before distributing it to the entire target audience.
  • Deliver the training and involve the target audience in the conversation to ensure that the program is effective.
  • The challenge of providing adequate training in construction is that managers may have limited time and financial resources to implement effective training programs.
  • To overcome this challenge, training programs can be designed to be highly engaging and cost-effective, while also being easy to administer in a virtual environment.
  • This can help employees to complete their training when it is convenient for them, which can be a key factor in encouraging them to participate in training.


This quiz covers the planning and execution of effective training programs specifically tailored for the construction industry. It includes identifying the unique qualities and challenges of the sector, determining the target audience, setting training objectives, selecting delivery methods, overcoming resource limitations, and ensuring engagement and effectiveness.

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