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What is the relation that philosophical identity concerns?

What are some philosophical problems that arise from the concept of identity?

What is the difference between qualitative identity and numerical identity?

What is the distinction between the philosophical concept of identity and the notion of identity in psychology and the social sciences?

What is the sociological notion of identity?

What is the law of identity and where does it originate from?

What is the modern formulation of identity and who proposed it?

What do kind-terms or sortals provide in regards to identity?

What is the ecological perspective of identity?


Philosophical identity is the relation each thing bears only to itself, which gives rise to many philosophical problems, including the identity of indiscernibles and questions about change and personal identity over time. Qualitative identity and numerical identity must be distinguished. The philosophical concept of identity is distinct from the better-known notion of identity in use in psychology and the social sciences. The sociological notion of identity concerns a person's self-conception, social presentation, and the aspects of a person that make them unique. Identity has been conceptualized considering humans' position within the ecological web of life. The law of identity originates from classical antiquity. The modern formulation of identity is that of Gottfried Leibniz, who held that x is the same as y if and only if every predicate true of x is true of y as well. Some philosophers have denied that there is such a relation as identity. Kind-terms, or sortals give a criterion of identity and non-identity among items of their kind.


Test your knowledge on the philosophical concept of identity with this quiz! From the identity of indiscernibles to questions about personal identity over time, this quiz covers it all. Distinguish between qualitative and numerical identity and learn about the origins of the law of identity. Discover how identity is conceptualized in different fields, including sociology and ecology. Challenge yourself to think deeply about the nature of identity and see if you can differentiate between kind-terms and non-identity criteria.

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