Identifying Sesame Seed and Capsicum Seed

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What is the active principle of Capsicum seed?


Describe the physical characteristics of Capsicum seed as mentioned in the text.

2-3 mm in length, pale yellow in color, rounded with pointed end and one sharp convex border, flattened smooth surface, and non-mammillated. It has a pungent taste.

What are the physical characteristics of Egg plant seed according to the text?

2-3 mm in length, light brown in color, more or less rounded, smooth surface with fine mammillation.

What is the antidote for Sesame seed, Capsicum seed, and Egg plant seed?

No specific antidote

What are the possible differential diagnoses for Sesame seed, Capsicum seed, and Egg plant seed?

Datura fastiosa seed, Capsicum seed, Egg plant seed

Test your knowledge of identifying sesame seed and capsicum seed based on their descriptions and antidotes. Learn about the characteristics of each seed and how to differentiate them from similar seeds.

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