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What is the primary responsibility of Human Resources in job analysis?

In the context of Human Resource Management, what falls under the category of 'Maintaining a quality workforce'?

What does strategic human resource management primarily focus on?

In the context of Human Resource Management, what does employment equity strive to achieve?

What is the purpose of job analysis?

What is the main responsibility of HR in relation to workplace health and safety?

What do job descriptions detail?

What is the process of attracting a pool of qualified job applicants called?

What is the main characteristic of structured interviews?

Which employee training method includes job rotation, coaching, mentoring, and modeling?

Where does off-the-job training take place?

What is the main purpose of performance appraisal?

Which feedback alternative involves assessment from colleagues at the same hierarchical level?

What role do job specifications play in recruitment?

What are the two main purposes of performance appraisal?

What are the main responsibilities of HR in terms of recruitment?

Which of the following is NOT a part of replacement decisions in management fundamentals?

What does functional conflict, as per the text, stimulate in the workplace?

In conflict management styles, which style is characterized by being uncooperative and assertive?

What is the role of unions in the workplace, as mentioned in the text?

Which type of organizational structure focuses on grouping people with similar skills and tasks together into formal work units?

What type of structure combines functional and divisional structures to gain advantages and minimize disadvantages of each?

Which type of structure extensively uses permanent and temporary teams to solve problems and complete special projects?

What is the primary characteristic of network structures, as mentioned in the text?

'Lose-lose' conflict outcomes are associated with which conflict management style?

Which type of divisional structures focus on the same location or geographical region?

What does functional structures work well for, as mentioned in the text?

Which outcome is associated with 'Win-win' conflict management?


– Bona fide occupational requirements are employment criteria justified by the capacity to perform a job. – HR is responsible for workplace health and safety, managing issues such as employee injuries, stress, and unsafe situations. – Job analysis is the systematic study of job facts to determine responsibilities, requirements, and develop job descriptions and specifications. – Job descriptions detail what a person in a job does, while job specifications outline required knowledge, skills, and abilities. – Recruitment is the process of attracting a pool of qualified job applicants, including methods like external, internal, traditional, and realistic job previews. – Structured interviews involve planned questions, while unstructured interviews are more natural but open to bias. – Orientation, on-the-job training, and off-the-job training are methods for developing a quality workforce. – On-the-job training includes techniques like job rotation, coaching, mentoring, and modeling. – Off-the-job training takes place away from the job site and includes management training and employee retreats. – Performance appraisal is formally assessing work accomplishments and providing feedback, with alternatives like peer, upward, and 360° feedback. – Performance appraisal has purposes of evaluation and development.


Test your knowledge of Human Resource Management with this quiz. Assess your understanding of job analysis, recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation, performance appraisals, and labor relations.

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