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Where does the sperm duct carry sperm from?

Testicles to urethra

What is the function of the ovary in the female reproductive system?

Produces egg cells and hormones

Which part of the female reproductive system is described as a 'moist tube of muscle, flexible, and secretes mucus'?


What is fertilization?

The fusion of male and female nuclei to form a zygote

In which part of the male reproductive system is testosterone produced?


What is the function of the umbilical artery?

Carries deoxygenated blood from the fetus to the placenta

What is the main purpose of the amniotic fluid for the fetus?

Protects against mechanical shock, drying out, and temperature fluctuations

What is a primary sexual characteristic?

Differences in reproductive organs between males and females

What is one of the functions of mitochondria in sperm cells?

Respiration to release energy for swimming

What is the role of sex hormones during puberty?

Stimulate primary sex organs like testes and ovaries

Test your knowledge about the male and female reproductive systems in humans. Learn about the different organs and their functions such as testes, scrotum, ovaries, and more.

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