Human Computer Interaction: Interactive Products

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What is the primary goal of interactive design?

To optimize the users' interactions with a system, environment, or product

What is an example of transforming human-human transactions into solely interface-based ones?

Using a self-checkout at a grocery store

What is the key difference between interactive design and software engineering?

Software engineering deals with the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software applications, while interactive design focuses on user interaction

What is the main focus of usability?

To design products that are easy, effective, and pleasurable to use

What is the main difference between usability and functionality?

Functionality refers to how well a product does its job, while usability refers to how easy it is to use

What is the ultimate goal of Interaction Design?

To extend users' activities in effective, pleasurable, useful, and usable ways

What is the primary focus of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)?

The design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use

What is the purpose of constraints in interaction design?

To simplify the interface and guide the user to the appropriate next action

According to Don Norman, what is the first level of cognitive response that influences our experience of the world?

Visceral: users' first impressions of a design

What is the purpose of affordance in interaction design?

To suggest by its shape and other attributes what you can do to them

Study Notes

Interactive Products

  • Numerous interactive products are used daily, such as iPads, smartphones, TVs, alarm clocks, ATMs, and websites.

Usability vs Functionality

  • Usability aims to design products that are easy, effective, and pleasurable to use.
  • Functionality refers to a product's usefulness and how well it performs its intended task.

Interactive Design

  • Deals with designing spaces for human communication and interaction.
  • Goal: optimize user interactions with a system, environment, or product.
  • Involves understanding who will use the product, how, where, and why.
  • Examples of interactive designs include self-checkouts, cameras, microwave ovens, and washing machines.

Multidisciplinary Teams

  • Involve LOGIC (business, technical, and manufacturing sides) and CREATIVE (designers understanding human behavior and emotions).

The Process of Interaction Design

  • Establishing requirements
  • Designing alternatives
  • Prototyping
  • Evaluating

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX)

  • HCI: design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use.
  • UX: how a product behaves and is used by people in the real world, influencing feelings and satisfaction.

Designing for User Experience

  • Focus on small details, as they significantly impact user experience.
  • Positive experiences drive curiosity and motivation, while negative experiences help prevent repeated mistakes.

Don Norman's Emotional System

  • Three levels of cognitive responses influencing user experience:
    • Visceral: users' first impressions of a design.
    • Behavioural: evaluating how a design helps achieve goals.
    • Reflective: judging design performance and benefits.

Usability Principles

  • Ensuring interactive products are easy to learn, effective to use, and enjoyable.
  • Key principles include:
    • Feedback: clear indication of actions taken and accomplished.
    • Constraints: limiting interaction possibilities to simplify the interface.
    • Mapping: clear relationships between controls and effects.
    • Consistency: similar operations and elements for similar tasks.
    • Affordance: suggesting actions through shape and attributes.

Explore the world of interactive products and their usability in everyday life. How do you evaluate the usability of products like iPads, smartphones, and ATMs? Take this quiz to learn more about the importance of usability vs functionality in design.

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