Human Anatomy: Fasciae Types and Functions

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Which type of fascia unites the dermis of the skin to the underlying deep fascia?

What is the membranous layer of connective tissue that invests the muscles and other deep structures called?

What are skeletal muscles sometimes called due to their ability to produce movements of the skeleton?

Which part of the muscle is referred to as its belly?

Which type of muscle acts as a prime mover for flexing the knee, while another muscle acts as an antagonist?

What is the property of cardiac muscle fibers that allows them to exhibit spontaneous and rhythmic contraction?

Which type of joint allows very little movement due to the articulating surfaces of the bones being joined by fibrous tissue?

What is the function of muscles around the shoulder girdle in relation to the scapula and shoulder joint?

What is the term for the study of the minimal amount of anatomy?

What is the term for the movement of the foot so that the sole faces in a medial direction?

Which term refers to the opposite sides of the body?

What is the term for the combination in sequence of the movements of flexion, extension, abduction, and adduction?


This quiz explores the different types of fasciae in the human body, including the superficial and deep layers. It covers their functions and the connective tissue they invest in various body regions.

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