Human Anatomy: Bone Tissue and Marrow Quiz

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What is the major function of bone?

Supporting various organs in the body

Which part of the bone is composed of protein ossein?


What type of bone marrow is present in the shaft of long bones?

Yellow bone marrow

What happens if excessive pulling of ligaments occurs?

Strain is caused

Study Notes

Bone Functions and Structure

  • The major function of bone is to provide support, protection, and movement for the body.

Bone Composition

  • The protein ossein is a key component of bone, and it is composed of collagen fibers, which provide flexibility and strength.

Bone Marrow

  • The shaft of long bones contains yellow bone marrow, which is primarily composed of fatty tissue.

Ligaments and Injuries

  • Excessive pulling of ligaments can cause them to become stretched or torn, leading to injuries and instability in the affected joints.

Test your knowledge on the characteristics and functions of bone tissue and marrow in the human body with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as bone structure, periosteum, bone marrow types, and the functions of bones.

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