Human Anatomy and Physiology Eleventh Edition Chapter 01 Quiz

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What is the microscopic study of cells called?


Which level of structural organization contains groups of similar cells?

Tissue level

What is the study of anatomical and physiological development throughout life called?

Developmental anatomy

Which system allows movement of body parts via skeletal muscles?

Muscular system

What is the principle that function always reflects structure known as?

Complementarity of structure and function

Which level of structural organization contains two or more types of tissues?

Organ level

What is the study of developments before birth called?


What is the separation between internal and external environments called?

Boundary maintenance

What does the muscular system allow movement of substances via other than body parts via skeletal muscles?

Digestive system (digestion)

Which ability refers to the sense and response to stimuli?

Responsiveness ability

What is the definition of anatomy?

The study of the structure of body parts and their relationship to one another

Which subdivision of anatomy focuses on all structures in a specific area of the body?

Regional anatomy

What does system anatomy focus on?

One specific system such as cardiovascular, nervous, or muscular

Which area does surface anatomy look at?

Internal structures as they relate to overlying skin

What is physiology the study of?

The function of body parts; how they work to carry out life-sustaining activities

Which subdivision of anatomy is focused on the study of large, visible structures?

Gross or macroscopic anatomy

Test your knowledge of Chapter 01 'The Human Body: An Orientation' from the Eleventh Edition of Human Anatomy and Physiology. This quiz covers topics such as the form and function of anatomy and physiology, including the study of the structure and function of body parts.

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