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Which HTML tag is used to define a row in a table?


What does the <th> tag define in an HTML table?

A header cell

What does the <tfooter> tag group in an HTML table?

The footer content

Which tag is recommended for managing the layout of a page instead of using an HTML table?


What does the align attribute do in HTML?

Changes the alignment of text within an element

What is the primary purpose of the id attribute in HTML?

To uniquely identify an element

What does the title attribute provide in HTML?

A suggested title for the element

Which attribute is used to give a unique identifier to an element in HTML?


Which tag is used to define the document type and HTML version?


Which tag is used to represent a paragraph?


What is the purpose of the <title> tag?

Mention the document title.

Which tag represents the document's header and can contain other HTML tags like <title> and <link>?


Test your knowledge on HTML table tags and layouts used to manage the layout of a webpage. Learn about defining table rows, table headers, table data, and when to use div tags over tables for better page layout management.

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