How well do you know Saint Augustine?

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Augustine's pastoral duties had no influence on his writings

Augustine's response to the sack of Rome was his work 'The City of God'

Augustine aligned himself with a specific philosophical school

What was Augustine's response to the sack of Rome in 410?

What was Augustine's position on philosophical schools of late antiquity?

What were some of the theological controversies that Augustine engaged in?

What were some of Augustine's major theological controversies and how did they shape the future of the Church?

How did the sack of Rome and the Vandal invasion of Africa impact Augustine's worldview and writings?

How did Augustine approach philosophy and what authors influenced his initial knowledge of philosophy?


Test your knowledge on the life and works of Saint Augustine, one of the most influential figures in the history of Christianity. From his role as a bishop to his theological controversies, this quiz will challenge you to recall important details about his life, writings, and efforts to unify the Catholic Church. Brush up on your knowledge of his polemical campaigns against various heresies and discover new insights into his enduring legacy.

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