How Well Do You Know London Fashion Week?

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9 Questions

What is London Fashion Week?

When did London Fashion Week first take place?

How many designers are showcased at London Fashion Week?

What is the purpose of London Fashion Week Festival?

Which of the following events is open to the general public?

Which of the following is true about London Fashion Week Men's?

What is the purpose of the British Fashion Council?

What was the venue for designers' showrooms during SS16 and AW16?

What was unique about the London Fashion Week held in September 2018?


Test your knowledge of London Fashion Week with our fun and informative quiz! From the history and organization of the event to the designers and trends showcased on the runway, this quiz will challenge your fashion expertise. Discover the ins and outs of one of the 'Big Four' fashion weeks and show off your fashion know-how. Get ready to strut your stuff and take on the London Fashion Week quiz now!

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