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What is an accessory in fashion?

An item used to contribute to an individual's outfit in a secondary manner

Which of the following is NOT a traditionally carried accessory?

Hats and bonnets

What is an example of an accessory that is worn?


What is the significance of gloves in Victorian fashion?

To cover women's hands and mask any signs of labor

What were hat badges in 16th century Italy?

Decorative items worn by civilian men of higher social status

What factors can determine an individual's choice of accessory?

The specific context of where the individual is going

What is the difference between carried and worn accessories?

Carried accessories are items held by an individual, while worn accessories are items worn on the body

What is the origin of the term 'accessory' in fashion?

The term came into use in the 20th century

What is the purpose of an accessory in fashion?

To complement and complete an outfit

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"Accessorize Your Knowledge: Test Your Fashion Accessories IQ" - Put your fashion knowledge to the test with this quiz focused on accessories! From statement necklaces to trendy hats, this quiz will challenge your understanding of how accessories can elevate any outfit. Get ready to show off your fashion expertise and learn new tips and tricks along the way!

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