Brand Management Week 5

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Which one of these is a characteristic of direct channels in channel strategies?

Selling directly to consumers by mail, phone, electronic means

What is the purpose of experiential marketing?

To promote a product by connecting its features with unique consumer experiences

What is the potential problem with celebrity endorsement in promotion strategies?

Celebrities may distract attention from the brand in the ads

What is the purpose of omnichannel integration in channel strategies?

To combine online and offline channels in a multichannel sales approach

What is the purpose of a brand audit project?

To assess brand equity and knowledge

Which of the following is NOT a component of brand knowledge and positioning?

Product strategies

What is the purpose of aftermarketing in product strategies?

To enhance product consumption experiences after purchase

What is mass customization in product strategies?

Making products that satisfy customers' exact needs

Which of the following is NOT a consideration for assessing a co-branding opportunity?

Perceived quality of competitive products

What is the placebo effect in pricing strategies?

Activating expectancies about the efficacy of a product

Brand positioning refers to

Designing consumer perception of a brand through brand elements and marketing activities so that the brand occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customers' mind.

When considering brand positioning, which of the following factors should be taken into account?

Target market, nature of competition, and brand associations.

What are point-of-parity (PoP) associations in brand positioning?

Attributes or benefits that are not necessarily unique to the brand but are necessary for the brand to be considered a legitimate player in the category.

What are point-of-difference (PoD) associations in brand positioning?

Unique and distinctive attributes or benefits that set the brand apart from competitors.

What is the main objective of marketing programs in delivering brand positioning to consumers?

To shape unique consumer perception of a brand.

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