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What amenities can guests expect in the 5-star luxury accommodations mentioned?

Safe-boxes, access to internet, and air conditioning

What is a common feature of the 5-star luxury hotels' restaurants?

High quality cuisine

What type of service can guests expect from the staff at the 5-star luxury hotels?

Efficient, courteous, and helpful

What are some of the additional services offered at the 5-star luxury hotels?

Porter service, laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing

Which type of accommodation is described as spacious and luxurious in the text?

5-star luxury

What is the job title sometimes referred to as the Director of Housekeeping?

Executive Housekeeper

In the front office operations, which job title is responsible for managing reservations?

Reservation Manager

What is a characteristic of timeshare properties?

Each owner has an allotted period of time to use the property

Which department accounts for a higher percentage of gross revenues in hotels according to the text?

Front Office

What is the term used to describe a property with divided ownership or use rights in the hospitality industry?

Vacation ownership

Who is responsible for managing and coordinating guest services in a hotel's lobby?

Front Desk Manager

Which job title in the front office operations involves auditing tasks at night?

Night Auditor

What is a primary responsibility of a Bell Captain in a hotel?

Providing valet parking services

What is the main function of a Reservation agent in the front office operations?

Handling guest check-in procedures

What distinguishes timeshare properties from traditional real estate?

They allow fractional ownership

Learn about the features of middle class/deluxe 3-star hotels, including spacious reception areas, en suite bath and shower rooms, room service, and amenities like swimming pools and gyms. Explore what to expect when staying in a 3-star hotel.

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