Hormonal and Metabolic Effects of Exercise Quiz

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What hormone stimulates sodium and water retention in the kidneys?

What hormone inhibits gluconeogenesis and decreases with exercise?

Which hormone increases from exercise and pulls more glucose from the blood?

What hormone is released from overtraining and insufficient rest?

Which hormone is involved in metabolic rate, with less release leading to a slower metabolic rate?

What hormone is important for lean mass gain and fat metabolism?

Which hormone stimulates breakdown of fats in adipocytes?

What decreases during heavy intensity exercise, leading to less secretion sites?

Which hormone increases sensitivity to insulin and decreases with training?

What decreases hormone response (IGF, GH) and is not as noticeable during resistance training?

What is responsible for the inability to maintain a given exercise intensity, with central and peripheral factors?

Which hormone increases muscle remodeling and is released by muscle?

What is the normal muscle pH range?

Which type of muscle fibers are associated with lactic acid accumulation?

What substance can be used as a fuel source in muscles?

What is the main cause of acute muscle soreness?

Which factor influences the convection of heat from the body?

What is the main process by which the body maintains a relatively constant body temperature?

Which temperature measure is most accurate for determining core body temperature?

What is the primary factor influencing heat exchange through radiation?

Which substance is filtered by the kidneys to regulate pH levels?

What is the main cause of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

What is the primary function of sodium bicarbonate in fighting fatigue?

What is the main effect of caffeine on muscle function?


Test your knowledge of the hormonal and metabolic effects of exercise with this quiz. Explore topics such as antidiuretic hormone, aldosterone, insulin, glucagon, and growth hormone, and their roles in metabolism and energy regulation during physical activity.

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