HMH Science Dimensions: Plate Tectonics Lesson 1 Quiz

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What is the average thickness of Earth's continental crust?

Where is the crust of Earth's continents thickest?

Why haven't scientists collected samples from Earth’s core?

What is the name of the deepest borehole on Earth located in northwestern Russia?

Which compositional layer of Earth is the outermost?

What causes seismic waves?

What is the reason for the mantle being denser than the crust?

What evidence do scientists use to infer the properties of the asthenosphere?

What does the graph showing the velocity of P- and S-waves with depth in Earth’s mantle reveal?

What is the reason for the occurrence of the aurora borealis near the poles?

What drives the flow of the solid rock of the mantle according to the text?

What are scientists able to infer about the asthenosphere based on seismic data?

Why do many stony meteorites appear to be similar to rock on Earth’s crust?

What do seismic waves reveal about the internal layers of Earth?

What drives convection in the mantle according to the text?

What do gradual changes in seismic waves with depth indicate?


Test your knowledge on Earth's dynamic interior, crust thickness, and evidence of structure and composition in this quiz based on Unit 6 Lesson 1 of HMH Science Dimensions Earth and Space Science.

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