History of Ventilators in Respiratory Therapy

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What is the minimum duration of a typical respiratory therapist program?

2 years

Which credential is officially recognized by a state to practice respiratory care?

Credentialed respiratory care practitioner

What is the role of a Certified pulmonary function technician (CPFT)?

Perform pulmonary function tests

What is the distinction between CRTT and RRT?

CRTT is an entry-level certification, while RRT is a therapist level certification

Who is classified as a respiratory therapy student?

One enrolled in an accredited respiratory care program

Which certification exam basis do most states use for granting credentials to Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs)?

National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) exam

What does JRCRTE stand for in the context of the text?

Joint Review Committee for Respiratory Therapy Education

Which individual has completed the registry (therapist) examination of the NBRC?

Registered respiratory therapist

What distinguishes a Certified pulmonary function technician from a Respiratory Therapist?

Scope of practice

What is the role of a Credentialed Respiratory Care Practitioner with a state-issued license?

Officially recognized to practice respiratory care by the state

Learn about the historical timeline of important ventilator introductions and milestones in the field of respiratory therapy, including the Bourns Bear 1, Puritan Bennett MA-2, Siemen Servo 900C, and more.

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