History of Record-Keeping: Sumerians and Egyptians

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What form of writing is usually credited to the Sumerians or the Egyptians?


What invention changed how history was visualized, providing realistic images of the past?


What was a challenge faced by those producing stories set in photographed times?

Casting actors who resemble historical figures

What strategy did early civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians use to record their histories?


What was a limitation of early forms of writing like cuneiform and hieroglyphics?

Complexity in understanding

How did the invention of the camera impact how historical figures were portrayed in modern storytelling?

It made physical resemblance less important

What is one argument against the casting of Black actors in the musical Hamilton as America's legendary founding heroes?

It distorts American history into a simple tale of heroes and villains.

What is a potential risk of actors mimicking the voices of historical figures?

They could caricature the historical figures.

In what way did the musical Hamilton defy expectations in casting actors?

By casting Black actors as America's legendary founding heroes.

Why did the musical Hamilton receive praise regarding its casting choices?

It gave a marginalized group control of the narrative.

What is one concern raised about using AI-generated voices for political speeches?

It may not authentically represent the politician.

Why is it expected that an actress playing Margaret Thatcher should study her voice diligently?

To match not just her pitch but her every pause.

Explore the world's earliest record-keeping systems attributed to the Sumerians and Egyptians. Compare cuneiform and hieroglyphics, and contemplate the potential benefits of a world without written records. Delve into the strategies used by ancient civilizations to document their histories.

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