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Which definition of psychology states that it is the scientific study of the activities of the individual in relation to his environment?

According to Lahey (1998), psychology is defined as the science of:

Who defined psychology as 'the science of behaviour and mental processes and how they are affected by an organism’s physical state, mental state and external environment'?

Woodworth and Munn's definition of psychology focuses on studying:

Baron (1999) defines psychology as the scientific study of:

According to Bagga & Singh (1990), psychology involves the scientific investigation of:

'The science of behaviour and cognitive processes' is a definition provided by:

'Human problems' are a focus area mentioned in which definition of psychology?

'The application of science to human problems' is a part of which definition?

Who defined psychology as 'the scientific study of behaviour'?


Test your knowledge on the changing definitions of psychology from William James to Kenneth Clark and George Miller as compiled by Hilgard, Atkinson, & Atkinson (1975), and cited by Bagga & Singh (1990) with definitions from Woodworth and Munn. Explore the evolution of the concept of psychology over time.

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