History of International Trade Theories

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What is emphasized in the concept of the Triple Bottom Line?

Which of the following is NOT typically a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

In managing ethical behavior, which factor is crucial to consider in a cross-cultural context?

What is a key reason why organizations engage in international trade?

Which country became the first to adopt the gold standard in 1821?

What was a key outcome of the Bretton Woods conference regarding the international monetary system?

In which century were the modern firm-based international trade theories developed?

What is the main difference between FDI and FPI as mentioned in the text?

Which theory proposed by Raymond Vernon is mentioned as part of the modern firm-based international trade theories?

What was a major factor that led to the collapse of the Gold Standard as described in the text?

Which region saw wars in the 1990s that discouraged Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and slowed economic growth?

Which country struggled with the transition to a free market economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991?

Which Asian country is known for its top 3 global economy status and has faced criticism for its trade practices?

Which continent is characterized by large income disparity, widespread poverty, and political instability according to the text?

Which legal environment type is influenced by religious principles according to the text?

What type of laws affect transactions by imposing restrictions like sanctions, embargos, and export controls?

Which factor is considered when assessing political risks related to government control according to the text?

In terms of cultural characteristics, what does 'culture defined' refer to according to the text?

'Resource base', 'Investments in infrastructure & Human Capital', and 'Technology Transfer' are foundations of which environment according to the text?

What do laws protecting intellectual rights and international treaties aim to protect according to the text?

What are the common characteristics of South America according to the text?

Which continent is characterized by having natural resources like oil-rich countries and requiring diversification beyond oil?


Explore the development of international trade theories from early country-based trade theories to modern concepts. Learn about the different perspectives and approaches to international trade from the 16th century to present day.

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