History of Interior Design: Ford's Approach

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What was Josiah Wedgwood known for?

What percentage of Wedgwood's market was for export?

What did Josiah Wedgwood focus on to avoid waste in production?

What type of items were adorned with Wedgwood medallions in the style of J.Flaxmann?

What was Ford's approach to design and production?

What was the consequence of producing a highly standardized and uniform product?

Who did Ford believe the American market was ready to accept a car accessible to?

What was Ford's famous statement regarding the color of the car he would make?

What was the significance of the neoclassical style in England?

What were Josiah Wedgwood's notable roles according to the text?

How did Josiah Wedgwood contribute to the growth of his company and sales promotion?

What did the factory system lead to according to the text?


Explore the history of interior design with a focus on Ford's approach to design and the concept of uniform consumer. This quiz delves into the main purpose of accessibility, catering to different needs, and Ford's unique philosophy.

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