History of Human Population Growth

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When did the Human population begin to grow more noticeably?

After the Agricultural Revolution

During which time period was the world adding about 100,000 people each year to the total population?

5000 BCE - 3000 BCE

During which period were major civilizations being established in China, India, and Greece?

1000 BCE - 1 CE

What characterized early men's existence according to the text?

High fertility, high mortality, and slow population growth

During which time period was the world adding about 333 people on average to the total population each year?

Before 8000 BCE

Where were human beings first noticed according to the text?

Middle East

What event led to declining population size in the Mediterranean area in the third through fifth centuries AD?


Which empire experienced collapsing due to a combination of flood, famine, and rebellion in the third through fifth centuries AD?

Han Empire

What event set back population growth in Europe from the middle of the 14th century until the middle of the 17th century?

Black Death plague

Which factor contributed to Europe's population growth from about 1650 to 1850?

Introduction of the potato from the Americas

Who was one of the early proponents of the idea that population growth could trigger economic development?


According to Boserup's argument, what is the motivating force that leads to the clearing of uncultivated land, draining of swamps, and development of new agricultural techniques?

Population growth

Explore the history of human population growth over the past million years, from the era of hunter-gatherers to the exponential increase in population witnessed in the last two centuries. Learn about the origins of human settlements and the factors influencing population dynamics.

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