History of Graphic Design Before the Printing Press

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What artistic movement aimed to reflect the principles of order, harmony, and Abstraction?

De Stijl

Which ancient civilization expressed religious stories through hieroglyphic and cuneiform writing?


Who is credited with inventing the printing press, leading to mass production of books?

Johannes Gutenberg

Which art form gained popularity for its sharp contrasts and bold lines in religious and political satire after the invention of the printing press?

Woodcut prints

Which manuscript is significant for its use as a religious tool for over 3,000 years?

Papyrus of Ani: The Book of the Dead

What cave art site besides Altamira is mentioned in the text?

El Castillo

What were scribes known for in the pre-printing press era?

Creating beautiful borders and elaborate illuminations

What were some common themes depicted in woven tapestries and embroidered fabrics?

Battles, myths, and religious scenes

Who used large-scale murals to record historical events and convey religious messages?

Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and other civilizations

What do cave paintings represent in the context of human visual communication?

The first examples of human visual storytelling

What is a key characteristic of the cave paintings mentioned in the text?

Depiction of daily life, rituals, and hunting

What function did woven tapestries serve in palaces and churches?

Functioned as visual narratives

Explore the visual communication techniques in the pre-printing press era, from carefully crafted manuscripts and scrolls with beautiful illuminations to large-scale wall paintings and murals used by ancient civilizations. Discover how important documents and religious texts were enriched by hand-painted flourishes and miniature paintings.

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