History of Cheer Dance and Cheerleading

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When did cheer dance emerge as part of cheerleading events?

What is the origin of the word 'cheer dance'?

In which country did cheerleading originate?

When was the first organized recorded yell performed in an American campus?

What led to the dominance of women in cheerleading during the 1920s to World War II?

Who is credited with officially starting cheerleading?

Which organization conducts camps and competitions in the Philippines called the Regional Qualifiers?

What is the main event officially recognized in cheerleading worldwide?

Which association is recognized by various sports bodies such as the Philippines Sports Commission (PSC) and the Department of Education (DepEd)?

Which type of jump is used as a progression to learn more advanced jumps in cheerleading?


Explore the emergence and development of cheer dance and cheerleading, which has been closely linked to the history of sports in the United States. Learn about the origins of this activity and its integration within sporting events.

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