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What is the primary function of Mercuric Chloride fixatives?

Applied in Ultrathin Sections

What are the disadvantages of formaldehyde fixatives mentioned in the text?

Can cause allergic dermatitis

When is a concentration of 4% formaldehyde usually utilized?

For fixing larger tissues

Which type of fixative is often used for Central Nervous System (CNS) tissues?

Lead Fixatives

What is a common function of Chromate Fixatives?

Primarily used in Electron Microscopy

Which fixative should not contain Osmic acid?

Heidenhain's Susa

Which fixative is known for preserving the nucleus and chromatin material of the cell?

Flemming's Fixative

Which fixative renders the pH ≤4.6 and preserves membrane-bound organelles?

Formol Corrosive

Which fixative should not contain glacial acetic acid?


Which fixative is used to determine fat contents, presence of enzymes, and mucopolysaccharides?

Newcomer's Bouin's Fixative

Which fixative is an aldehyde fixative?

Formol Corrosive

What is the most commonly utilized fixative in the laboratory?


What is the purpose of using phosphate buffers in formalin fixation?

To stabilize the pH at 7

What component is used to dilute Formaldehyde to make a 10% solution for routine processing?


In which fixative do we see the use of Picric Acid and Glacial Acetic Acid together?

HISTO 10% Formol Saline

Which fixative is known as 'Formol sublimate' and contains Chloride?

Orth's Regaud's Fixative

At what concentration is Glutaraldehyde often used for small tissues?


Test your knowledge on fixatives used in histopathology, including cytocological and histochemical fixatives. Learn about the different types of fixatives and their specific actions and remarks.

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