Histology: Epithelial Tissue Chapter 4 Quiz

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Which tissue type is responsible for covering, lining, and protection of surfaces?


What is the Latin word for 'belt' that refers to junctions forming a band encircling each cell?


Which tissue type is known for its function in transmitting nerve impulses?


What is the main function of muscular tissues?

Strong contraction

Which type of cells are responsible for an organ's specialized function?


What is the function of connective tissues in the body?

Support and protection of tissues/organs

What is the function of the proteins secreted by various growth factors mentioned in the text?

Regenerate cell linings in endothelial walls

In which type of blood vessels does smooth muscle primarily occur?


Where is connective tissue most prominently present based on the text?

In adipose tissue

Which layer of a blood vessel contains alternating layers of smooth muscle and collagen or elastic lamellae?

Tunica Media

Where would you find vasa vasorum as described in the text?

In the walls of large vessels

Which type of organ has a higher presence of capillary beds according to the text?


What does the term 'epithelial' mean when translated from Greek?

Upon the nipple

Why must all substances that enter and leave an organ cross epithelial tissue?

Because epithelial tissue lines all external and internal surfaces of the body

Which pole of epithelial cells faces a space and is located at the opposite end from the region contacting the ECM?

Apical Pole

Which type of tissue is characterized by being elongated and responsible for contraction and movement?

Muscular Tissue

Which type of tissue has the most abundant extracellular matrix?

Connective Tissue

What characteristic distinguishes epithelial cells by showing uneven distribution of organelles and membrane proteins?


Test your knowledge on epithelial tissue and its characteristics. Explore the different types of tissues, including their functions and the role of the extracellular matrix in cellular functions.

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